Welcome to Alba Trance Sessions.
Alba Trance Sessions (ATS for short) is the home of Scottish DJ Michael McBurnie (the handsome gentleman on the right there). Starter in 2011 just months after Michael bought some second hand CDJs, ATS was put together as a place for him to share his mixes online. Below is a few commonly asked questions to help clear things up...

What's wrong with the mixing in the earlier episodes?
I was a bit rubbish at mixing back then. Remember, no one starts out great. Half of the fun is learning!

Can you play a track for me please?
Maybe. Send an e-mail to michael@albatrancesessions.com and I'll think about it.

Why is there distortion in some of the earlier mixes?
Electrical interferance was causing the problem. It's fixed now with the help of a ground loop isolator.

What equipment do you use?
I use 2 Pioneer CDJ-850 Digital Turntables and a Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer for the mixing. I record straight to a Gemini DRP-1 Digital Recorder and edit the mixes with Audacity.