Welcome to Alba Trance Sessions.
Alba Trance Sessions (ATS for short) is the home of Scottish DJ Michael McBurnie (that's me on the right). Starter in 2011 just months after I bought some second hand CDJs, ATS was put together as a place for me to share my mixes online. Below is a few commonly asked questions to help clear things up...

Why can't I listen to older shows?
My old SoundCloud was deleted in 2015 along with all the uploaded episodes. If there's a particular episode you would like to hear please e-mail me and I'll reupload it. I have every single show saved on a hard drive!

What's wrong with the mixing in the earlier episodes?
I was a bit rubbish at mixing back then. I started ATS to force myself to practice mixing each week. The first few years worth of mixes have a lot of transitions and my taste in music has changed a bit since then. Remember, no one starts out great. Half of the fun is learning!

Can you play a track for me please?
If you want me to play one of your tracks send an e-mail to michaelmcburnie@albatrancesessions.com. I'll have a listen and if it's something I like I'll try to fit it in.

Why is there distortion in some of the earlier mixes?
Electrical interferance was causing distortion in one or two of the very early mixes. I fixed the problem at the time with a ground loop isolator. Since upgrading my equipment this is no longer a problem.

What equipment do you use?
As of 2017 I record Alba Trance Sessions using 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus2s, a Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer, an RMX-1000, 2 Technic 1210 MK2's for the vinyl and my HP laptop to record the mixes (pictured below). Before that I used 2 Pioneer CDJ-850 Digital Turntables and a Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer for the mixing and I recorded straight to a Gemini DRP-1 Digital Recorder. For the first year of Alba Trance Sessions I used 2 Pioneer CDJ-800 mixes (I had to burn all my songs to CD each week!) and a DJM-800 mixer.